8 Mar 2013

Special Moments and Doo Bee Pops

Hi everyone,

Here's the new Magnolia Ink - Special Moments.
Great work everyone!
Look what will be on its way very soon ,if not already :D
Beautiful Cover of a Doo Bee Pops Tilda Bride and another free Mini World stamp I hear.
Im sure to be stalking my postie once again!!Ooooh cant wait!
They do come around so fast and my projects for the next one are boxed up ready to post to Boras. Im not normally as organised as this.
Also a BIG thankyou so much for all your yummy entries into my Candy Challenge and there's still a few days left. I'll be stopping by tonight and this weekend for a closer look :D..Ive loved spending time hopping and saying Hi on your blogs and seeing everyone who visits me. Sometimes you wonder who you are posting too, if you know what I mean :D...so now I feel its all worthwhile...OOooooo what did we do before we had the internet??? .
Better go...getting my hair cut this morning
Byeee for now


  1. Gorgeous card,
    love it

    Congratulations on International Women's Day

    Hugs Tamara

  2. Hi Debbie, I share your feeling.....I cannot wait to receive the new Magnolia Ink as well! Love the Doo Bee Pops paper!
    Bye now!

  3. I can't wait to get mine, too! Your work is always GORGEOUS and such an inspiration!!!! I haven't played with the Doo Bee Pops yet, but how cute do they look with Bride Tilda????

  4. Only wonder were I can find this little Tilda Bride? I´ve tried on several webshops but it seems to be difficult.

  5. I, too, am looking for this new bride stamp. Any clues where it can be found???

  6. That makes three..i too would like this stamp.