17 Sep 2012

Magnolia Day

Whoooo hoooo
Yes it is getting very near and Im counting the days now.
I think I can tell you now I will be there :D (Doing the happy happy dance) :DDDDD
For more details about the weekend and to book workshops go HERE
For the 2 day event there will be
Hope to see you there.Soooooo exciting
Big Hugs


  1. OMG How lucky are you!!!!!!!!!! Gosh I hope you have a fabulous time and take loads of pictures so we can go green with envy!!!!

    Love Chanelle xxx

  2. OMG Debbie, i'd love to be there with all of you! Alby is super excited!

    Have a lot of fun! :)

    Hugs, Franz.

  3. See you soon eweet Debbie ;)