21 Dec 2010

Christmas Love

Hi Everyone
               Im back again with ANOTHER! Tilda to share with you!!LOL This one is Tilda playing the Violin from the Christmas Collection 2010. I'm not addicted really ;) Just addicted to painting with my DI's!!
Ive had another excuse to use my favourite WHAM song Stamp and also one of my favourite Christmas songs.
Papers are also Magnolia
Love Debbie xxx


  1. What a beautiful and romantic Christmas card....a stunning work of art!!!!! Magnificently showcased and colored to perfection!

  2. Well my dear, I have reached the end and I am very sad about that...I had planned to sit here all night if necessary and keep commenting
    till the end.Amazing blog.We gotta tell people to come and look, where is everybody...hello out there.Beautiful work.Dont ever stop.
    Luv CHRISSYxx